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W have a regular volunteer group that run at Hilton Green every Friday morning. Our volunteers work together to keep the site looking fantastic and running smoothly.

Volunteering is:

•    A great way to meet new people and build friendships. 
•    An opportunity to share old skills and learn new ones.
•    Confidence building.
•    A chance to spend time outdoors.
•    Valuable experience towards employment.
•    Good for physical and mental well being

As a Volunteer

You can get involved with a variety of activities including:

•    Landscape management.
•    Gardening.
•    Harvesting.
•    Crafts.
•    Construction projects.

Past projects have included building a pizza oven and constructing benches and tables for the site.


There is always work to be done at Hilton Green, so social and corporate groups are very welcome to come and help us out for the day. 

Please contact us at for more information and to arrange your first volunteering session. 

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