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free environmental education For primary school aged children

The Twiglets project was setup in 2009 by the Forest of Mercia CIC.

Thanks to funding from Children In Need we can provide free environmental education to primary school aged children who would benefit from working outside of the classroom.

Twiglets uses the outdoors to help children:
•    Be more physically active.
•    Feel better, emotionally and mentally.
•    Gain confidence, be brave and try new things.
•    Develop an understanding of nature and the great outdoors. 

Kids Gardening

How It Works

We can offer up to 5 free Twiglets sessions, outside of school hours at Hilton Green or on your grounds.

Teachers / activity leaders decide which children they feel would benefit from the sessions. We usually work with around 12 primary school aged children in a group.

Activities can include natural crafts, outdoor games, sensory activities, gardening, healthy eating and bushcraft skills.

The children are encouraged to create a scrapbook to remember all of the fun activities that they do. 

If you are a teacher or run a community group / centre and would like to get involved please contact us

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