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Image by George Bakos


Since 1990 Forest of Mercia CIC have been planting pockets of woodland and hedgerows across Staffordshire.

Trees for Climate​


As your local Community Forest, Forest of Mercia CIC can advise, fund and deliver tree planting schemes across South Staffordshire and the Black Country, making the process as simple as possible for landowners.
We can provide grants that cover up to 100% of costs and also provide funding for maintenance, to ensure that the trees we plant are cared for until they are established.

We work with private and public landowners including, farmers, schools, local authorities, community groups and more. The scheme allows us to fund a range of large and small scale woodland creation projects including hedgerows, orchards and woodland pasture. Whatever your idea, our staff will listen, provide advice where you need it, and support you through the whole process of planning, funding, and delivering your scheme.

This is possible because we are a key partner in the Trees for Climate programme, which is being delivered by the partnership of 15 Community Forest organisations across England. £12.1m has been secured from the Government’s Nature for Climate fund. This is in a push to help deliver the English portion of the government’s commitment to increase tree planting to 30,000 hectares per year, across the UK, by 2025 alongside peatland restoration and nature recovery.

The aim of Trees for Climate is to capture carbon, to help combat the effects of Climate Change. This increase in woodland will also benefit the environment in other ways, such as expanding wildlife habitat, improving biodiversity, flood protection and food production.


Between Winter 2020 & Spring 2023, Forest of Mercia CIC alone planted 90,065 trees across 68.3Ha!

If you are a local private or public landowner and want to plant trees to capture carbon on your land, please contact us at



Image by Daiga Ellaby

Why plant trees?

  • Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen which helps to combat climate change.

  • They absorb odours & pollutant gasses and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves.

  • Trees reduce the risk of flooding.

  • They help to prevent soil erosion.

  • Trees provide a habitat and food source for many different  species of animals.

  • They provide fruit and nuts for us to eat.​

  • Trees provide wood for construction, crafts and fuel.

  • They are aesthetically pleasing.

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